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Secure Web Hosting

Litigation today is more complex and multi-jurisdictional, making the requirement for real-time collaboration of information that much more critical. Combine this with the fact that information often needs to be shared with opposing counsel, co-counsel, clients, experts and witnesses, and it can cause major stress on a firm's technology infrastructure, not to mention the significant up front financial expense required to purchase the necessary software applications.

With Triage Data Solutions' web hosting services you will have everything you need to stay connected to your litigation repository anytime anywhere, without the IT anguish or significant upfront investment. All of your data will be safely stored in Canada on our secure centralized server. Triage’s hosting solutions offer remote access from a web browser, making it easy for all parties to collaborate and review discovery-related documents. Dramatically increase your efficiency, productivity while simultaneously decreasing your costs with one of our secure, scalable, and customizable, data hosting solutions.